Just watched the Lego movie with Easton and Eric! Some thoughts (no spoilerinos, I think):


One reason I don't like watching movies in the theatre is that (don't laugh) I get scared by the trailers. However, there were only trailers of happy animated films during this screening; the one farthest out was the Spiderman trailer, which didn't have scare moments at all. It might be because of the target audience for the movie i.e. kids, but boy was I relieved.


In the first half of the film where the cast was talking about alternate Lego universes, Bionicle was put as one of the few that "didn't need to be mentioned". Granted, the Bionicle line was discontinued a few years ago, but it was a big part of my elementary school life. I remember playing the "Bionicle game" with my friends, where one player would try to use his Bionicle's weapon to take off the other Bionicle's mask. Gali's claws and Lewa's axe were the bomb back then. There were eventually too many Bionicles for me to keep up with (also I started to play other stuff ><), but I had a fun time regardless!


All the universes were very beautiful; watching them was like fulfilling a fantasy of owning millions of Lego bricks and building something spectacular with them. The animations also respected real life Lego woes to a certain extent; early on in the movie, the protagonist was shown having trouble moving his feet because they were stuck on the Lego floor.


When the protagonist was hatching the secret plan, I was assuming that the footage of how it would proceed would be just that (a plan), but I was unaware until it was almost over that he was actually conducting it at the same time he was narrating it. I missed a few snippets of the plot by not paying full attention :(


The connection between the Lego world and the real world reminded me of Shin Megami Tensei IV. The protagonist's world is called the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado, while the "human world" exists as well; human world items such as microwaves and batteries are referred to as "relics" in Mikado, just like in the Lego movie. When the existence of the real world was introduced to the audience, I couldn't help thinking about a Shin Megami Tensei IV movie that would cater to franchise fans. (Not that I'm complaining about the Lego movie; it was very well made!)


I stayed through the credits anticipating a secret ending like the one Avengers had, but there wasn't one :( I first did this for The Fierce Wife, the movie sequel to the very popular eponymous Taiwanese TV drama two years back.





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